About my mind

undefined I’m Natalie, a researcher with a big interest in mental health. I’m becoming ever more engrossed with the growing relationship between an individuals technology use and their mental health. When I’m not sat working at a computer I love reading, working out and indulging in a little bit of retail therapy from time to time (on a particularly challenging\ stressful day I may do all three at the same time).

Throughout my life I have encountered challenges regarding my own mental health, experiencing both anxiety and body dysmorphia. I created this blog to share information regarding mental health, including my own research, reviews and advice.

The current stigma around mental health is a cultural issue that needs addressing; we all struggle from time to time and it’s definitely nothing that should make us feel ashamed or outcast, so let’s talk more.

Something in mind‘ aims to help those struggling with their mental health, one answer at a time.

My work

My previous research publications and work can be found below: